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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 11:47 pm by flerly.

um… just checked my email for the evening and found something weird… a personal, unexpected thank you from the ceo telling me how much he liked my work on two particular projects from the last couple weeks. weird.

still feel sorta like ass… crosseyed, deaf, and medicine heady. lump in my throat is gone, and my throat just feels sorta tight now.. probably lymph nodes working or something. i think i’ll go for three days at home… have some work to do tomorrow, so it wont be a total sick day.

on the bright side, feeling ill has saved on food and gas for me this week. w00t?

realized tonight, when i called mom for our usual 30-60 minute conversation about nothing, that i really dont have much to talk about with her. I’ve been trying to call more regularly, and there’s just not much to tell. Kinda realized that mid-conversation tonight and it was strange.

oh well.. guess i’ll go see what no-good james is up to.


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