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Tedium, revisited

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 24, 2006 at 1:22 pm by flerly.

So today, we are filling out a tedious spreadsheet cataloging various features of our customer’s sites, to see to what extent, if any, they are using the admin tool to customize their own sites. One of the categories asks me to indicate with an “x”: No photo, poor photo, or good photo. THIS is extremely funny and subjective to me, though I know what they mean is “grainy” photo, such as the ones uploaded automatically during our conversion process. The problem arises when I see really good photos of really ugly agents… does that level out to “poor photo”? Or what about the agent who likes to use a picture of a chimpanzee as his photo? It’s not even a good quality chimp photo… I’m really taking too much time with this, but one simply must find amusement where they can.

Edit: We’re all bored with today’s unusual task it seems. Jonathan has been entertaining us with “Ex-Comstock Employee Trivia” questions. Nothing on you yet, Skittles, but stay tuned!


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