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All hail Monday, king of SSDD

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 1, 2006 at 4:30 pm by flerly.

Frustrating, slow day. My shoulders are aching from being hunched here — should have been sitting on the balance ball, but never think of it until I’m already stiff. Nothing but bad news concerning James’ great-uncle, which leads to a whole new realm of stress surrounding this upcoming family reunion. Nothing but stress with this diet, as I hear from niece that she only loses weight when she diets and doesn’t exercise, so she’s stopped working out until she loses what she wants… grrrreat. NOT an option… fitness is my key goal, not the numbers on the scale… have to remember that one.

Tonight the boys are meeting up — JamesT, Mr. TheMad, his boss, James’ uncle — at the car show. Look them up if you’re going tonight. Boys and cars. Meanwhile, I have me and cats. If only I had ice-cream, it’d be heaven.

God, is it only 4:30? Can this day get any longer?


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