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Can’t type long — have to burn these contact lenses

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 15, 2006 at 12:23 am by flerly.

oh … my… god… dogs.

It’s the new reality show. When dogs rule your life, aka the story of JT’s Dad’s house … which fricking reeks…

After years together, the greyhounds are fighting… and peeing all over, and the “new”-ish bulldog is likewise marking all the furniture as he gets his turn in the house…. oh, and with his turn in the yard, he is digging up the chainlink fence to escape. They are having to stake down the bottom of the chain link every couple feet to keep him from bullying his way out. But, what’s the use with a dog that can bite through the chainlink.

The new bedroom comforter? A tarp, held down with bricks … to protect their bed while they’re at work. Just in case. How very sad. I told them it sounded to me like they had too many dogs , but they just got the bulldog and he was a “special” gift for a huge Georgia fan. Meanwhile, they’ve had the older greyhound for seven years. How do you choose? The answer… you don’t. Keep them all, because they’re all loved.

Oh boy, I though occasional cat pee was fun. These pony-sized dogs make a WAY bigger mess than a 5-pound kitty.

PS we’re home. *sigh of relief* and Mom is good. =)


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