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I, Robot

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 9:07 am by flerly.

Another Sunday morning where I am dutifully playing the part of some missing automation. Sitting down last night at midnight-ish to begin on the task was a brilliant idea. Took a huge chunk out of this morning’s pile up in about an hour. I may have made myself time to make some breakfast today. Joy!

Next week, I have this duty on Father’s Day. Arranging that is going to be fun, or else, JamesT will have to visit his two dad’s and his granddad solo.

We completely konked and didn’t even try to go out last night as planned. JT’s off of caffeine, that’s his excuse. Me, I’m just lazy I guess.

Oh well. I think that Paul Van Dyk, June 22nd; Seb Fontaine, June 24; Armin Van Buuren, June 28; Unknown Hinson, June 30; BT, July 15 are still in the plan. Soon as we remember how to stay up late.

PS. Spellcheck wanted to change “konked” for “kinked”. I wish. That could have been worth staying home for.


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