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don’t ever try to sleep after taking dayquil…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 2:21 pm by flerly.

Slept horribly… terrible dreams all night. I kept dreaming I was being held down, and it was very vague and just made me want to kick and struggle. Almost everytime I “woke up” from a dream, I was overcome with that sensation of being held down.. I guess I was still dreaming, but I remember being so hot and my limbs so heavy I could barely move them. It felt like someone was sitting on my feet, because they were cramping and bent sideways and I couldn’t move them… and I THOUGHT I was awake, but I don’t guess I really was.

As for dreamlike dreams… I dreamt I woke up and James was gone.. I was alone in bed, then when I got up, suddenly I was in the car driving around looking for him. The whole plot just dumped in all at once… I knew mom had died that morning, I knew James and I were in separate cars, and that we had agreed to meet someplace and sleep in our cars because I didn’t want to go home to mom’s and sleep there now that she was dead. So I was driving around looking for where he could have parked his car, and I couldn’t find it or him and was getting very upset, thinking he had gone to mom’s house. I stopped at a gas station and was trying to get someone to help me figure out how to send a page from my wristwatch, which I thought I could do, but just had never tried. Nobody could figure it out, and I was getting very upset and just started crying and telling everyone about how mom had just died and how I couldn’t go home.

So THEN… I dream about being able to astral project… I discovered it by accident when I just got so tired and frustrated that I passed out, and the next thing I knew I was floating… I could see my body below, and turned to look around the room and noticed that I could see the reflection of my body but not of my floating body, so I must be invisible. So from here I proceed to find out that not only can I move to anyplace about as fast as I can THINK of doing it, that I seem to be able to move to any WHEN I want…. well, for whatever dumb reason, in my dream I use this power to spy on people and places that I missed out on, heard about later, and always imagined that I knew what went on there… I follow people I know around and learn about them… and, of course, in my dream all you friends are a bunch of sex-crazed perverts and it all was proven true by my invisible-astral-self spying on you and seeing what you do when you think you’re alone. Yeah.. ha ha ha.. told you it was a medicine induced dream.

Then, the coup de grace, I dreamt I had a motorcycle… riding it to work every day, people begging me for rides, and me using it to get psycho-yet-cute guy at work to hang out with me. In my dream, I took him for a ride and scared the SHIT out of him until he was a quivering little mass barely able to hold on to me… I stop the bike, he gets off and just falls down in a heap saying how he’d never gone that fast and he thought he was going to die and he is just a mess… so of course, being the evil biker bitch in my dream, I interrogate him with all those questions I probably want to really ask but wouldn’t bother because he’s a psycho-dumb-ass-probable-serial-killer who lives with his parents who answer their telephone “Churchill Manor”. I mean.. try to ask him something and he responds with his “clever” misdirection, church/family babble, and general evasiveness… meanwhile he continues to spark up his own conversations with me, loan me things unprompted and generally mess with my mind. SO IN THE DREAM, super biker bitch that I am takes advantage of him in his weakened and weepy state to ask him once and for all why he messes with me and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery of the 27 year old world-traveller, college graduate, who has spurned women to live at the Manor with his family and have zero social life. Apparently in RL all this stuff messes with me more than I realized, and I figure that it really does annoy me when I can’t figure people out. NOT that I have everyone else figured out… just that most people I can see their life, understand how they got there, their choices, appreciate their humor, their intellect, perhaps anticipate a smart-ass remark or two before they make it.. and it is comfortable. This guy defies all that. I think I blow him off, he shows up for conversation bearing books. He is the butt of the whole engineering departments jokes, and is completely infatuated with some girl named April to the point that he desperately seeks advice on how to ask her out, yet won’t ask her out, because he thinks he’ll scare her off and she wont be his friend… except she’s not really his friend so much as just someone he has talked to a few times, and more likely he just stalks. So, in my dream.. I guess from the ability to astral project and spy on people, it was just a natural progression to move to the bully to force explanations out of those who still remained a mystery. Riding the bike in the dream was amazing though… like flying.


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