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It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 10:39 am by flerly.

Yeah, so it’s just now Saturday, right? Egads.

It’s been said, but have to thank again for the invite to eleven50 Thursday night. We had a great time, and any other time you get the urge to do something like that, I hope you have our number!

The morning after spending a late night, though… wheeee. I was a zombie most of the day Friday, making a pitiful attempt at working up some “non-franchise-specific” graphics for a site we had to rush and build this week, then I hear at about 2pm from Lloyd that the reason I never got feedback on the graphics for the “rush” site for the customer was that she decided to go on vacation this week. And thus, he said, if she can go on vacation instead of making her call to me, then I can just take the day off and deal with her on Monday.

Thus, I headed out for a quick grocery store run, hit the Subway, and came home to veg out for the afternoon. Tried to watch Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, but kept falling asleep on the couch. Then, of course, Mr. T gets home, thoroughly toasted from his hot car ride home, and wakes me up with his notion of taking frosty beverages to the pool. Thus, we do, and it is good.

Until two minutes after we get back, and now I’m sleepy and have had a bit of alcohol, so I’m really sleepy and too grumpy to actually take a nap, so I plant myself in front of OnDemand and start to watch Brothers Grimm. This, of course, is shortly foiled by the “vicious hurricane” that comes through and takes out our power. This forces our hand to leave the house in search of dinner, preferably someplace with wi-fi so the boys can geek out. Mr. T’s car is helplessly trapped in the dark garage, and though we can release the door to free it, we can’t close the door back properly, and thus would have to leave the garage wide open at a time when all the neighbors are hanging out on their stoops and porches because of the power outage.

Thus, let’s let the sleepy girl drive, who is so brain-dead that she wears her pool shoes out to eat. We end up at Dunwoody Tavern, where the dinner hit the spot and the seats were just comfy enough to prompt much drinking for the evening. Somehow, we managed to leave the tavern in time to walk in the Wine bar next door, have a glass and let Bradley buy his red and white of the month. Somewhere in here I ended up with 3 yellow roses, and they came in handy at the wine bar to bribe the musician to play “just one more song since we just got there.” After they closed, we stumbled back to the tavern for one more round, then Mr. T got to drive the goofy people home.

I’m afraid we didn’t realize was having his “going away” gathering at the Highlander until we were thoroughly committed to those benches at the Tavern, bound by computer cords and alcoholic beverages. Oh well, if you still even read LJ, man, best of luck with the move!

Also, another night of staying out late means we were too wiped out to wake up early enough to see Jimmy this morning. Sorry this makes twice, man. Your DVD is sitting right here, so… worse come to worse, I can mail it someplace for you. =\

Tonight’s possibility of crashing on Julie’s birthday bash, which means intentionally going to Cowboys, where I know there will be line dancing and a mechanical bull…. that one is still undecided but leaning toward no. Yes, I realize the people we would hook up with would be worth seeing, but I’m afraid there isn’t a liquor threshold that allows me to line dance. I’m pretty sure I go from “Not-drunk-enough-to-try” straight to “Too-drunk-to-walk-straight” without ever hitting a happy “what-the-hell-let’s-line-dance” phase. It’s a tried and true, thoroughly tested fact. No line dance threshold.

Anyway… now, it’s time to begin re-hydrating and grab some breakfast. And perhaps sit down to watch the rest of Brother’s Grimm before the boys are awake.


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