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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 10:15 pm by flerly.

As in I have successfully made it through another Wednesday double-shift. Gosh gee darn these sure suck.

Today’s Special Hell: Taking a late night customer service call at home to help a customer troubleshoot how to use our web interface through AOL on dial up.

Customer asked for a toll-free number, because she was using cell minutes and wanted to just call from the land line. The problem here… couldn’t be on AOL while I was trying to help her troubleshoot things. Talk, talk, talk… Okay, let me hang up and look at that. I’ll call you back. Wheeeee!

Now: Hot bubble bath, Christopher Moore audiobook on the iPod, sleeeeeeeep.

Oh yeah.. and Thursday is THE day. Farewell to Maggie’s gallbladder! So long! Happy Trails! We barely knew ye, but from what I hear, this past week you’ve been a little cocksucker. Bad gallbladder! Good riddance.

Take care, Magoo.


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