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Minor update

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 1:55 pm by flerly.

Major dent in organizing my office area, despite feeling like complete crap the past several days. The work list is being checked off suitably, and I’m almost feeling caught up. Almost. In addition the house isn’t too bad, considering we had to bring in everything from all the porches and balconies so they won’t be damaged while the building is pressure washed sometime today or tomorrow.

I have a nice almost too bright lamp on my desk and a new remote for my iPod, which coupled with the big new TV I have in my space, is really making for a whole new work experience at home. Add to that the file folders I’ve actually managed to utilize and I hardly recognize this place. Only two days of appointments this week, but I think I’m ready.

Oh, and I actually managed to go to the grocery store for food and not just whatever essential item we were out of. I will conquer this new routine.

Tonight, I do believe we get to entertain cousin Marc, in town for a class, and surprise him with the new TV.


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