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waiting up for cartoons….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, April 27, 2002 at 3:29 am by flerly.

Forgive me if you already read this…
Space Ghost Coast to Coast drinking game
And to further clarify— one drink= 1 “chug” beer = 1 shot hard liquor = I ungraceful swallow (not sip!) wine = 1 taste of moonshine!

Take One Drink If…
moltar watches CHiPS
zorak gets the destructo-ray
spaceghost taps the index cards on the desk
spaceghost asks a guest about his/her superpowers
spaceghost ignores a guest
zorak says the word “evil”
moltar messes up the controls
the color of zorak’s vest changes (every time from red to blue and vice versa)
spaceghost addresses a guest as “citizen”
spaceghost flashes his powerbands
spaceghost flexes his muscles
zorak gets his identity confused (mantis/locust)
moltar talks about burning or melting someone or something
the cast repeats a single word over and over and over and over
spaceghost blatantly insults zorak
zorak blatantly insults spaceghost
Take Two Drinks If…

spaceghost mentions miss nesbit
brak yells something unintelligible
someone mentions the atmosphere
zorak appears with a strange head ornament (wig, devo hat, etc)
another member of the cast tries to take the show over (zorak, moltar, legion of doom)
zorak refuses to do something for spaceghost (i.e. play him to the desk)
a farm animal appears (cow, jumbles, etc)
Five Drink Bonus For…

each member of the legion of doom that makes an appearance And yes, Brak counts!


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