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Head still spinning…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, September 18, 2006 at 9:26 am by flerly.

…and I don’t mean from all the alco-ma-hol Goat was pouring Friday night, though that did roll my Saturday. This time, I mean from what seemed like a dream that lasted all night, where Deathklok from Metalocalypse was my design partner for these realtor appointments, because they decided that these realtor sites needed to be more metal.

Of all the new shows last night, I guess Metalocalypse (Ep 08 – Performance Klok) stuck it the best. Seriously, I think one of the realtors in my dream was named Twinkletits (Twink-let-its, of course).

And now, this morning, has once again entertained by pointing out the existence of this Weird Al video.

All right, time to get to it, and stop trying to remember if that weird dream actually yielded any inspiration to improve these sites.

PS: Why didn’t I know that Murray Head (singer of One Night in Bangkok) was the older brother of Giles (Anthony Stewart Head)? I mean, if I’d ever seen that video before yesterday, how could I miss the family resemblance! I thought it was Giles!


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