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May I just say…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 6:42 pm by flerly.

I have lately been listening to the audiobook of P.D.James’ The Children of Men, ever since seeing the preview for the upcoming movie of the same name. The story is interesting, but this may be the worst audiobook recording I’ve ever heard…. granted, I haven’t actually listened to George Castanza’s copy of Risk Management from books for the blind, but the poor quality of this is only partly due to my dislike of the reader’s voice, and mostly due to what is a crappy recording quality.

Hisses, beeps, and wild volume fluctuations between sessions that clearly indicate where the reader had paused for a break and the recording stopped are the biggest problems. Sometimes the background hiss blows my ears out, but I can barely make out the mumbling slurred bass of the vocal.

If I wasn’t so damned interested in the story, I’d have given up by now. As is, I’ll just not recommend the audio version to anyone, ever.

Maybe I’ll just suggest we all go see the movie: http://www.childrenofmen.net/


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