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Die another day?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, November 2, 2006 at 4:41 pm by flerly.

Bermudaween was a great success. Many many many many pictures were taken, and will hopefully soon be circulated. Ben and Maggie were successfully married, and have stayed on in another resort for some peace from the rest of us and a nice honeymoon. I’m not sure whether the Dark and Stormy or the Swizzle was the official drink of Bermuda, but I do know they love their rum.

I’ll have to sit down and think about a real recap later, but this is just a brief post to say we’re back in the states. I had a great birthday. We had a great vacation. It was a first-class destination wedding. There was drinking and plenty of treats for Halloween. Fun was had by all, and all that.

Meanwhile, while I was out of the country and off my guard, somebody rear-ended Chris Cornell on his chopper on Halloween! The bike is totaled, but he walked away with cuts and bruises. I learn about all this looking up info on Casino Royale, the upcoming Bond flick, since…. surprise to me, Chris Cornell recorded the title theme. His accident occurred while he was in LA recording some additional songs to be on a new solo release.


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