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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 29, 2002 at 11:39 am by flerly.

Feeling… uninspired.

have SO much work to catch up on. going through the emails now that say “i feel bad sending this to you in your sick bed… but” blah.. work, and not just mindless revise this image or that work, but rather, come up with four unique homepage mockups for a big canadian customer by oh say.. tomorrow morning?

Joy… and people need to quit asking me for tips on photoshop.. or if i have anything they can do for me.. just to practice, then when I suggest something, they say, oh, i’m busy right now, i’d have to work on that at home or maybe tomorrow.

Ghei… and, well, on the bright side.. I’m hungry. Think I’ll eat some lunch and see if that helps inspire me. Too bad the breakroom is full of “work at home” people with their laptops who are all hanging out at the office for meetings. Since the conference room is full, they take over the break room, files, laptops, jackets, purses, and general crap just laying everywhere so there is no place for anyone to sit.


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