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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 29, 2002 at 11:54 am by flerly.

Okay.. overreacting? probably… but when someone says to me, “If you people were just brave enough to go out in public on your own, you wouldn’t have to annoy other people by begging them to go with you.” THIS was in ref to me realizing how much work I have to do by morning, and thinking that maybe if certain person would go with his girlfriend to her concert tonight instead of me, that maybe i could relax a little. He’s like, don’t you want to go? I’m like, I dont really know this person, so I really wouldn’t miss it. Then he gets all upset that everyone is just so dependant on other people to go do anything and how we all are just cowards. So I say to him, so you recommend your girlfriend go all by herself to downtown atlanta to a concert? I say. it’s not like going to the movies alone… concert, for one, and downtown, for two, generally don’t promote fluffy-happy atmosphere’s of safety. So he said no, no way, he didn’t want to go and I couldn’t make him. Then he says, and if I’m so scared to go, that I shouldn’t either.

So I give up, he’s not paying attention. I never said I was scared to go.. I just said if he went in my place I could be lazy today, and that I didn’t think anyone should go SOLO. BUT, screw it, i’m eating lunch, getting inspired, finishing this shit, and going to have a good time. Girls are invincible in pairs, even in downtown atlanta.


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