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Losing it…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 5:56 pm by flerly.

So, I got this Christmas card in the mail today, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. James Thornton in my own handwriting. There is no return address, and I am baffled at who on earth has my same handwriting. Some family member? Perhaps it’s some genetic disposition. Who could it be and how could I have never noticed the resemblance before?

I have too many things in my hands to open it right there, so I ponder it on the walk back to the apartment. Who? Who? For a moment, I consider whether I was mental enough to send myself a Christmas card, just mindlessly copying our own address out of my address book, since I notice it has the same style of Christmas stamps that I put on my own cards this year. The envelope is the wrong color for my cards, though, so as quickly as I thought of my own mental illness as the source, I dismissed it.

Who could it be? Perhaps the illusive Tracey and Brian who baffle with their mystery wedding invites are now sending out mystery holiday greetings…

I get to the apartment, sort the mail into our three stacks, then stare for just another moment at the handwriting on the mystery card just to make sure it really is mine. Clearly it is, and yet I am baffled as to how that could be. At last I open it, and as soon as I see the front of the card, I know it. I’ve seen these before, in fact I think I paid for these when Mom picked them out. The mystery falls into place… over Thanksgiving, as an afterthought on the morning we were leaving for home, Mom asked me to address some envelopes for her since she was out of labels for her printer. I remembered thinking at the time, as I quickly copied down the few addresses from her list, how odd it was to be essentially sending myself a card. Guess the couple-week span of craziness completely blocked that memory out.

Just documenting one of those clear this brain is faulty moments.


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