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This day can be over any time it wants…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 4:27 pm by flerly.

…except tomorrow will probably be just like it.

Two more days of “regular” work to go. *sigh*

Got “tapped” in traffic, sitting still at a red light today. Dumbass woman just rolled ever so slowly forward until we touched. No apparent damage, but really, woman. Operating a vehicle does demand you pay some attention. Try it out. It’s not the holiday yet, don’t send your brain on vacation.

Managed to walk fine all day, and after work for a quick stop to the grocery store, pick up more items than I intended just so I have my arms full of bags…. THEN the strap on my shoe decides to break, so I can hobble across the parking lot with my hands full. Thanks.

Word today is I’m officially contracted back for January to continue doing what I’m doing. Surprise? I just get a paid week off here between Christmas and New Years, then the week of New Years off unpaid, then contracted week to week. Precarious scenario, but at least it’s money. Money is nice. And those couple weeks should put me far ahead on my other work project.

Okay. Enough ranting and babbling. Must go put on comfy clothes and de-stress.

PS. If traffic didn’t suck so bad, I really wanted to go down and pick up my pottery tonight…. Of course, once I got there, I’d want to just sit down and paint some more, but there is work to be done.

PPS. I’m so out of it I didn’t realize it was TUESDAY… as in no pottery pick up until tomorrow and no night shift. Brain=off.


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