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On pause

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 10:36 pm by flerly.

It has been an extremely hectic, crazy, busy, fun and difficult past several weeks. Brain has stayed pretty much on the edge of fried for a while. I still have a pretty nasty to-do list to complete, and the clock is ticking on it. Only wish I didn’t seem to be so blah at this moment… stomach has been weird for a couple days and I’ve been double-dosing the claritin with some excedrin to keep the head in check. Really need to pause, reset, and start out from a better position. Sleep is bad, energy is low, food’s been crap, haven’t remembered to take a vitamin in at least a month, exercise is? Yeah… bad patch.

This year doesn’t so much start out with making resolutions as figuring out how to get over the hurdles I’ve placed with the ending of 2006. Too many things to think about.

On the bright side of recap, Christmas left me with an overall impression of being “nice”… good memories seeming to overrun the hectic in the moment ones. Then New Years was all good, perhaps best ever. We’re a family who likes to gather with our laptop computers, that’s for sure. At some point this week I have to figure out how to burn the 35 minutes of fireworks video to a DVD to share.

This week… to-do list, haircut maybe? Finish setting up the Mac Mini for Sunday delivery to Chattavegas? Christmas decorations may have to wait until next weekend.

Found out that Florida nephew is playing WoW, and he even made a character on our server to join us sometime. Now we just have to convince his wife to play, too. He’s about 30 and it’s the first computer game he’s ever gotten into, he says. He was surprised I played, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him my geeky gaming history. Guitar Hero was the game to be played over New Years, though. How many times did I explain it to new people showing up? Ugh… even Ivy can just about quote the guy from the tutorial and rolled her eyes every time someone else wanted to go through it. Some people just aren’t as smart as you, Ivy. They don’t just catch on by watching.

Great-niece Ivy rocks, btw, in case you couldn’t tell. She is 10. She digs guitar hero. She rocked our Cranium team. She is competitive. She is so happy to see you after long absences that she can give a hug that will knock the wind out of you. She is frequently found with her nose in a book avoiding people. AND she built me a teddy-bear for Christmas, and told me all about what went into it. It was about the sweetest thing ever.

All right… this sinus head crap needs to be over. I need to be able to think clearly. I think some hot steam, some meds, and calling it a night early are in order.

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