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Minor Update

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 11:55 am by flerly.

I’m almost over the nasty head-cold I apparently picked up hanging out in the cold and drizzle last Thursday night for my car accident. My car is in the shop and I’m in a nasty red Cobalt for the time being. JT wants to know why they even make Cobalts in anything but blue.

And, it is official, to celebrate my upcoming unemployment and impending job hunt, I’m taking a week and going to San Diego. Nothing like blowing off all your cares for a nice little vacation to start off the job hunt right. I’m probably an idiot but when Sis called with the plan — to take mom to San Diego for her birthday — I thought it sounded like a damned brilliant notion. Hell yes, there’s nothing I’d rather do to start off my miserable depressed February than have a great trip. It’s pretty much airfare and food cost, since we have the niece to stay with and to provide an extra car for our use. Get to hang out with cool people I love and get to see Mom on an airplane.

Anyway… with this car situation pinned down for now, it’s time to get back to work. I didn’t expect these forms to be such a pain in the ass, and I’m behind schedule.

Edit: Already more updates. Just got a call about a job which is potentially sweet, and Bellsouth sent out someone to deal with our recent DSL issue a day early…which is sweet, but he was a dumbass, so… whatever. I STILL have shit to do, and it would be nice if everything wasn’t dropping every few minutes. Meanwhile, JamesT has a Wii in his grimy little paws, and I’m sure he’s downstairs drooling on it right now.


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