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Tying things up…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 12:27 pm by flerly.

I’ve been working on building out my portfolio, for purposes of future job interviews. The content is getting to be something I can live with showing people, so now I’m dwelling on the actual presentation. Have to let those thoughts bounce around a bit.

Meanwhile, today I have been working on some of the dozens of emails and follow-ups that need to be done quickly now as this January contract ends. Rumor already is that RMGA wants to continue to contract us, and just hasn’t worked out how to let the agents begin to foot the bill themselves. Also, possible retainer on the way for staying available a few hours each week to keep up with old FNIS crap. Lots of balls are in the air right now, and I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how thing turn out when everything finally comes down.

Meanwhile MEANWHILE… I have a project, now two actually, to complete prior to my vacation. And, I need to add the parts of this project already completed to my profile. Also, I am working on a list of items I need to study and become more familiar with prior to actually heading out on interviews after I come back. I’d ask you guys to offer suggestions, but how do YOU know what I DON’T know and should be studying regarding design and the web. Content management options, I guess. Meh.. whatever you want to suggest, do it.

At some point today I will actually do the dishes in the kitchen. Everything we own seems to be out on the counter or in the sink. No food stuffs, as everything is rinsed, just never actually washed.

Also, in the “small world” area, I don’t think it’s been more than a couple weeks before I finally went out and bought Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness on DVD so that Mr.T and I could watch them. Today I see that an LJ Friend is working Ash in as a crossover on his BTVS campaign. I guess I’d sort of forgotten they made an Army of Darkness game at all! Reading all the things he posts makes me miss roleplaying so much. I do have the Buffy game, and the Serenity game… and we bought Toon when we thought Mr. T might like it best… and well, there is a whole crate of games and modules I put away in the closet downstairs that have long been neglected. Who has the time anymore? Or the interested people? The only thing I can think to do sometimes is perhaps translate some story ideas into genre stories or even fan-fic, but… who really has time to write either.

Okay, it’s lunch time and I have a long list of things to be doing.


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