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So far, so good…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, February 3, 2007 at 9:08 pm by flerly.

Been a pretty productive couple of days, and today was no exception. Work items are coming together, found a great book for my trip, got some sweet clearance deals on some things for the trip, mom is still psyched about the whole thing, laundry is getting done, house isn’t too scary so not much to do before mom shows up here on Tuesday….

In fact, the only downside so far is my wacko computer crash yesterday that ended up wiping my iPod when I plugged it in. I figured out what happened but not exactly why it happened. I’m using iTunes to manually manage my playlists and music, audiobooks, etc. I was in the middle of uploading some new audiobooks to it, among using the computer for other things, when the whole thing locked up. When it restarted, it didn’t load iTunes, as it usually does with the iPod connected, so I had to manually start it. When I did, it asked me to confirm there was an iPod connected, what it was named, etc. Then proceeded to try to automatically sync it up. Which it began to do by wiping everything, then only putting back on there the items that existed in my Library — which was not a hell of a lot. Got the audiobooks right, though.

So, yeah… I spent some time yesterday afternoon and a bit this morning going through my mp3s trying to figure out what makes the cut this second time around, and I’m finding it a lot harder than the first time. I’ve had the damn thing running so full that I have to delete audiobooks to get new ones on there, but now I’m only up to 5.4 gigs.

Meh… well, I just paused to get up to date on Baggie! and LJ. Time to get back to being productive! This is supposed to be my non-computer day. Tomorrow I’ll be sitting here long enough.


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