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Dude, I got your email. Calm down.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, February 23, 2007 at 1:22 pm by flerly.

This morning I changed my cell phone message to say that IF I am not answering this, I may be busy at an appointment with a customer, and to please leave a message there or at my home office number, which I provide. I’ll get back in touch as soon as I can.

SO today I got three emails. Then two phone calls both with voicemail messages left on my cellphone. I haven’t been home to check my messages, but I wouldn’t be suprised. THEN in the middle of an appointment, the receptionist here comes down with a piece of paper telling me to call this same guy. All within about 15 minutes of each other.

He had to call my office, find out where I was — which meant he found out I was onsite doing appointments all day — then called that office to have them give me a message.

Wow. Seriously. Have some faith in your email program. All he wanted to know was whether I’d gotten his first email. It wasn’t returned to him. He didn’t get any kind of error sending it. He’s just paranoid. And inconsiderate that I might be busy giving another customer the same kind of attention that I gave him during our appointment earlier in the week. I mean… did he see me stop to answer my phone or check my email while he and I were talking? No. Does he expect me to do that while I’m talking to someone else?

Well, I guess yes.

SO I call him at lunch. YES, I got your email. I’m on appointments all day, I’ll work on it during my next day in MY office, Monday. Will that be soon enough?

He says, OH SURE, no rush. Whenever you get to it. Just wanted to make sure you had it.

Dum Bass.


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  1. infinite1der has made a Comment

    I HATE those people. They call you; “Did you get my email?” They page you; “I sent you an email…” They walk up to you; “Hey, I just sent you an email…”

    These people fall on my hate list between the ones that request delivery/read receipts on everything and the ones that mark every fucking email they send as urgent/high priority. Of course, there are combinations of these three higher up on the list ($DEITY help the person that marks an email urgent with a read receipt and follows up with a phone call and also still has an Auto-Reply Out-of-Office message set from his vacation 2 days ago wanting to know whether or not I’ll be available next week to join a conference call regarding next month’s project kickoff meeting).

    February 23, 2007 @ 2:48 pm

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