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a Monday in review

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 26, 2007 at 5:17 pm by flerly.

Just when I thought things were back to “normal”… I get a reality check to remind me how very far from normal we really are, and spend time horrified at how I’ve adjusted to the current status quo.

I have … a currently manageable to-do list, with two exceptions. Both of those are projects that offer so much leeway up front that I can let myself shut-down trying to explore the possibilities available. Need to gather a bit of info on both, then must make the effort to reign things in. These are the things real portfolios are built on. Breathe. Relax. Create.

The bulk of this week I will spend in Lawrenceville on appointments, allowing folks time to gather info. Friday I must sit down to review the to-do list.

This weekend… we enjoyed watching Ghost Rider and finally, Lady in the Water, though the latter I really didn’t want to like. I stopped ignoring the date and decided to finally do our taxes, and I have consolidated some debt so I can hopefully more efficiently pay it down. I feel productive, at least.

My mind is still sort of reeling from today’s conversations. I’m sure none of this makes sense, but if I try to explain it, it will just bore you to tears. Just need to take some time to process.

I can say, the new speculated date of unemployment is now April, though there are some deals with the devil to be made.


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