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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 2, 2007 at 1:40 pm by flerly.

Yesterday evening, at the end of quite the hectic week of appointments, I only had a minor stress freakout. I think JamesT wished he’d had his mp3 player on him, so he could just smile and nod while I vented forever… and ever… and ever… at a nearly empty Chipotle in the pouring down rain.

Several things….

First, how do you get people to leave phone messages that make sense? Because, if I don’t figure this out, it’s going to be just another reason that I end up going homicidal and beating a co-worker to death, perhaps with one of those cute little pink ball-bats that say “Girls Rule”… available at Target.

Anywho, for every message Mac leaves that just says “Did I email you? I can’t remember. I just wanted to ask you about something. Nothing big. Just call me. Unless I emailed you. But, I guess you could call me with the answer. But I don’t think I emailed you. I just really need to know what to tell this customer. Let me know.” — without ever actually asking me any question or giving me any real clue as to WTF sort of email he was referring to, since YES, he has most certainly emailed me about a dozen things, and which one, pray tell, does he need to know something about NOW. Hrm?

But… for each of those messages, I think I’ll throw a quarter in a jar. In no time I’ll have the dough saved up to buy that metal bat, and crunch goes skull. End messages.

Second, a broker walked in yesterday, gave me a compliment, and boom, we get another two-weeks extended on our contract, so I’m now looking at unemployment by April 15th or so. This makes me very “happy” in that, now we have two more weeks of employment for me to put down on my mortgage application, in that… we are never going to get a damn house sort of way.

And the major cause of yesterday’s meltdown, I have an outside contract that I really need to focus this weekend, next week, and next weekend on completing that is effectively me creating the new web product that may eventually get pitched to RMGA by a company I don’t actually work for… and thus effectively designing myself right out of my job supporting their current product. Of course, assisting in the design might be an “in” down the road to get on with THEM supporting the NEW product, but not only would I have to sell my soul to live with working for the boss of that company, but also I just can’t get over the fact that I’m effectively designing myself out of a job. This industry really needs non-compete clauses…. or not, I guess. Whatever.

Lastly, I think I have resolved myself as to exactly what job I want when mid-April comes. I know exactly who to go talk to, and I really just need to work up the balls to tell them exactly why they don’t need their existing employee, and would be better off with me. Does that ever really work? I may have to just kill her, then I can show up and save the day.

Oh, and this was weird. Came home from my vent-dinner with the strong urge to key the neighbor-who-can’t-park-in-a-space’s truck, which was parked across two garage doors. Instead, walked out to the stop sign and back while JamesT checked the mail. Walking back, I notice the truck’s owner peering at me out the window, seriously giving me the evil eye for “walking too near to his dear truck” I suppose. Maybe he’s a psychic. Lucky I didn’t have my keys on me. Just kept thinking, though… and here’s ANOTHER use for that little bat. I SO should have bought it.


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