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Wonder how many calories THIS burned?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 5, 2007 at 6:05 pm by flerly.

Today — many tedious follow-up work items completed, without any real joy involved. I don’t know why the RMGACalendar for classes in March and April don’t show any website classes, but that doesn’t mean that 10 agents need to call me today to ask. WTF? Not sure what would make such a group all inquire at once… with me. Weirdness. I passed on most of their questions and inquiries to Jeanette at RMGA to handle. Maybe she can quiet that storm.

What should be the simplest task… modifying an agent template… has turned into a moderate hassle. I have a vague memory from a year or so ago having this same request made, I even remember which customer it was for… and at that time I sat down and tested every template on one of the test sites to see what I could edit and what I couldn’t. You see… poor design of these templates means that just because a new image is uploaded properly to the template, doesn’t mean that it really pulls that image from there. We got into all sorts of problems attempting to update the RMGA templates a couple years ago, and now I’m having a hell of a time tracking down my notes from that research. I’ve been looking through files saved for that last customer trying to piece things together. I just want to respond: Don’t you think if this were something I could do, that I would have changed all these ugly templates YEARS ago? But, that’s just being hateful.

I have made a little progress on the PYP stuff, which is good. Must get my head back in that game. I’m spending so much time worrying about RMGA followup for a job that is very likely just going way in a little over a month.

On the interesting side, I already mentioned this to the girls in the diet-log, but the general readership deserves the same chuckle. You’re probably familiar with websites offering tools to help you gauge how many calories you are burning with various activities. This morning I noticed that www.Calorie-Count.com has quite the unusual list of activities for you to browse through… including not just the “typical” sitting and sleeping, but the exotic “sitting quietly”, “sitting on the toilet”, “family reunion activities while sitting”… etc. etc. I was almost afraid to keep looking through the categories, for fear of finding “Sitting in front of a computer, compulsively refreshing your Livejournal page because you don’t trust the new post notifier you already installed.”

Oh well. All this was really just to kill time between Mr. T getting home and him finishing up his call to the insurance company. Now we’ve got a date for dinner.


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