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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 3, 2002 at 12:17 am by flerly.

Mmmm.. today was SO freaking hot and gorgeous, it should have been an official lay out of work day, ‘cept for the Aussie’s I had to meet with again today. Working at home tomorrow though, that’s for sure. MUST get some good creative juices flowing and crank out something that blows Greater Atlanta’s socks off… all this little revision/tweaking/then starting over shit is tired. That and perhaps I can sneak in an early afternoon tennis game if I work from home. Here’s hoping you’ll be up for it JT….

Spider-man starts tomorrow, too. Sweeeeeet. Couple work-groups going tomorrow to shows up in Kennesaw, but that’s just going the wrong direction in Friday Atlanta traffic to try to make those. Guess JT and I will have to sneak a show in sometime/somewhere over the weekend.

Still can’t believe I’m really FLYING to see mom for mother’s day. =) Look at me.. spontaneous air travel… w00t. Picked up a Laurell K. Hamilton book for the trip… which reminds me… I really should register for DragonCon… I KNOW I want to go cuz Laurell will be there again no doubt.. and she’s just the coolest, female, sleazy, gorey, fantasy/sci-fi/horror writer out there, and pretty damned funny in person. She’s still got a hardback out, so I can pick that up at con and get her to sign. Definitely doing that THIS year.

Babble… the more I think about the possibility, the more I really want to start serious motorcycle shopping. Something old, no doubt, and cheaper, but who needs better for a starter bike. Just wonder if i’ll get laughed at too hard getting a less sporty/cruiser type bike.

Oh well.. enough babble for one night. Just gotta get a night night from the working man and then catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.


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