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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 2:04 pm by flerly.

I cannot find the words to express this jaw pain right now. Don’t ever lose a filling, if you can help it. It was just a replacement filling today, but it was already so deep that the Dentist thinks I may have to come back and just do a root canal. The only way I’ll know if I need it is if this pain doesn’t go away, or comes back.

Egad… and I was bitching that the Novocaine was taking too long to wear off… tired of drooling on myself. This SUCKS. Bring back the Novocaine! Go drool!



  1. scienceiscool has made a Comment

    damn. sorry.

    March 13, 2007 @ 2:58 pm

  2. aoide has made a Comment

    Get some drugs!

    March 13, 2007 @ 4:44 pm

  3. flerly has made a Comment


    FYI, taking 2 excedrin and swathing your gums in Oragel then getting on the treadmill leads to lightheadedness, but damned if it didn’t take my mind off the pain.

    March 13, 2007 @ 9:46 pm

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