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“Care to join us on the conference call?”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 12:22 pm by flerly.

Already… it’s a long day, and it’s noon.

5. effin. am. this morning, we are up, so I can take JT to the drop point to meet his dad for their fishing trip. He wouldn’t let me take a picture of the funny hats he’d gotten for everyone, at his dad’s request, but I think this is it, if you want to just imagine him in it. Funny. Now that is performance fishing headwear.

The plan was to come home, stay up, workout, eat breakfast, watch some of the evening TV I had recorded, shower then get to work as usual — all in preparation for training my body to be up for the schedule I’m supposed to be tackling come mid-April to join Pam in boot camp for a month. Pam, the loser, already wakes up at 5am to exercise, so she’s got no sympathy for me.

Instead… with barely squeezing in four hours of sleep, due to getting JT ready and just his can’t-sleep pre-vacation excitement, I was out of steam shortly after I dropped him off. I managed to find out exactly how crowded our apartment gym is that early in the morning, and was actually surprised. I, however, decided to skip the exercise portion of the morning, lest I go loopy and fly off a treadmill after falling asleep while moving, and instead did my best to just stay up … watched tv, ate breakfast. Ruined it all when I went upstairs to shower, though, as the room was SO cool from the fan in the open window, that I told myself I’d just crawl back under those covers for a minute, and ended up crashing without any kind of alarm being set.

So yeah, I missed the early morning notice of a conference call and the subsequent later beginning of said call, and was only dragged out of bed when Pam calls at a bit past 10 to tell me that everyone is waiting on me. Good… um.. second… start to the day, I guess.

I still have many work things to accomplish today and before Monday, but right now I’m just so glad it’s Friday. Miss you, Mr. T., but I’ll have memories of you in the funny-hat to get me through the week. To the girls, see you Sunday!!!


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