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So close and yet so far…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 10:05 pm by flerly.

Sweetie-pie great-niece Ivy is at the Atlanta airport on a layover. She called me briefly from “kiddie jail”, where they took her to await boarding of her next flight. Bad cell signal in there, but it just so happened I was chatting with the niece when she called, so I gave “mom” the update on Ivy at the airport, realized I was Ivy’s second phone call, and then niece and I went back to talking about how a girl can possibly survive without her man around. Har har.

Speaking of, my man had already called me earlier, just in time to catch me in front of the television riffing on Lord of the Rings… with Brad. He was dumbfounded Brad was watching it. I had to tell him, it was unplanned. I was already watching it, he came home, he heard the sound of a rifftrack and was drawn to the television. Then, it was too late. He was sucked in. Meh.. it was an okay one. It’s odd to hear them make fun of a movie that doesn’t actually suck on its own, though that statement may be disputed by other members of this household.

Anyway… somewhere after the chat with my niece had turned to discussing one of the books I’m reading, which led to talk about couples, and friends, and how far apart we live, and how much we hate that… our somber mood was broken by an instant message from brother-in-law Pete:

[21:46] Kim: pete just messaged me to look at the “Joyce’s Jeep button
[21:47] Angela: me too.
[21:47] Angela: good god that’s a lot of text
[21:47] Kim: … text about wheels and tires.
[21:47] Kim: now that’s good girly reading
[21:47] Angela: hahahaha!
[21:48] Kim: and i see the words “oil” and “tools”
[21:48] Kim: is he insane?
[21:48] Angela: electronic ignition
[21:48] Angela: no….just an engineer
[21:48] Kim: blah blah blah Jeep blah blah blah Joyce blah blah blah… yeah.. OOOHh pictures!
[21:49] Angela: WAIT!….did he label that picture???
[21:49] Angela: he did!
[21:49] Kim: i fear he did

When I was trying to figure out what to do with myself today, other than work which I banned for the day, I considered driving over to Alabama to harass them, then realized it would be too short a trip with the girls coming over tomorrow to hang out. All my damn family is too far away. What I need is a relative I can decide to drop by for an afternoon. Some of James’ family may be close enough for that, but none of mine, and how sick would mom be if I told her I drove up to hang out with James’ mom for a Saturday when she hasn’t seen me since…. February? Sis is ALMOST close enough to spend the day with. Hrm, maybe I should dig up a phone number for Jessie. She might even be in town, though I’m sure I’m not nearly cool enough to hang out with the newly 21-year old college star right now.

Oh well. Back to my books. I’m enjoying Shadow of the Wind right now, having put “Blue Shoes and Happiness” and “Mating in Captivity” aside for the time being. It really pulled me in. Bubble bath. Book. Bed. Woohoo, Saturday Night!

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