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Getting things straight in my head

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 12:10 pm by flerly.

We have about 10 hours until we fly out to Vegas, and I’m looking around the house here just at all the things that I’d like to take care of before we take a vacation.

This place is disgusting right now.

It’s a lot my fault. My desk area is frightening with the April-cram of things I had to finish, 50 pairs of shoes all over the place, not to mention two pairs of gross tennis shoes covered in mud and grass, stacks of assorted shoe-inserts, tax stuff, house stuff, bootcamp stuff, everything… piled at random.

There are piles of laundry to be done. There are two litter boxes to clean out. At least the kitchen isn’t piled high with dirty dishes, though there are some in the sink.

I haven’t started packing because I haven’t finished laundry. I wonder where all the stuff I printed out for our trip has gone. E-tickets, Spamalot tickets, transportation vouchers… we may want that stuff.

My car is on empty again, and I just didn’t make time to fill it up today yet.

Plus, today is officially the last day of April where I’m not technically on vacation, so I should be finishing up a nice high stack of follow-ups from this month’s appointments. I’ve already gotten a couple paranoid calls from agents who just found out that April is the last month the office is paying for our services and come May if they need help, they’ll get a bill.

Ugh… you know, I really had planned to get a haircut before this trip, too.

All right, that’s a good list. I think I’ll make a quick lunch and try to prioritize the rest of my day here.


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