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Out of one whirlwind, into another

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 at 2:26 pm by flerly.

After 30 days of daily posts from Bootcamp, I feel like a slacker for not posting about everything that’s going on now.

I think most of you guys know we’re house hunting, and most of you probably also know what a huge pain in the ass that can be, while still being kind of fun. We have looked at so much crap to get it down to a couple we have really liked. We put a bid on one last night (the realtor was here until after 9pm with us) and we’ve already gotten the call from the seller’s agent that they’re sending us a counter-offer, but we haven’t gotten the offer yet, though it should be today.

Our agent has a good vibe, and she seems to think we’re going to like the counter offer and sign off on an agreement tonight. I have a pretty good vibe, too. The disclosures they sent over didn’t really have any surprises, answered a couple questions, and actually told us they’re including more appliances than we originally thought.

I talked with a while today about this house, telling her it really has the kind of character I was hoping for in a house. It’s not as updated or finished as some I’ve really drooled over, but in the end, those other updates weren’t really how I would have done things, even if they were nice. This house has great bones, great details, and room to grow. The kitchen would be my first wish-list project. It needs some repainting to suit our color-tastes, but it’s actually ready to move on in.

And, of course, now that I’ve talked about it publicly here, everything will fall through. But, we already decided not to get really excited about any more houses until we at least had a signed contract. This one is so much easier to see the potential in, though. It’s hard not to be excited. So, girls, if I’m late for dinner tonight, forgive me… I may be buying a house. I’ll call!

Tomorrow is another company outing in the form of a Braves game, where we didn’t get any extra tickets, so no friends or family, just our little crew.

This weekend is another long drive, as we head up to Mother’s to meet my family for Mother’s Day. Mom has already said that we’re welcome to any furniture out of her house that we might want, so I guess we’ll have the opportunity to scope that out. And since brother the carpenter will be there, we might just pick his brain for some basement-finishing and kitchen-updating tips … or actual help.

Now work, work, more work, laundry, happy-house-dance, work, dishes, and more work.

Update: Holy shit. I think we’ve got a contract on a house. *squee*


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  1. karura16 has made a Comment

    eeeeek! GRATS!!!

    May 10, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

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