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Cat Torture

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 12:57 pm by flerly.

The sleepy test-subject Motley is the first one to try out the newly arrived “soft paws”. Her front claws are now pretty and orange, but despite their tip for distracting the cat afterwards with food or treats, she still seems to find them some sort of cruel and unusual punishment. We’ll see how long these last today, as she is trying pretty hard — between food bites — to lick, bite, and shake them off.

Kitty, who is likewise currently in her sleepy-slug mode, I dare not tackle alone. Motley is dumb enough to hang around when I’m not holding her, such as while I’m putting the adhesive in the claw covers. Kitty would be MIA the moment I took my hands off of her. She is a two-man project definitely.

Edit: Well, at least one has been lost, and Motley still seems uncomfortable with them. Apparently, she decided to pee on Brad’s bed to express this. =\


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