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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 9:16 am by flerly.

As in, literally. I should go get dressed. Woke up thinking about work issues and just had to go check some things before I could rest. Now, I’m still sitting here like an idiot posting.

The house occupies every other thought in my head still. The countertop choice has been made, though, the quote done, and we were pleasantly surprised as to the cost. Our out of pocket for getting what we actually want instead of what the seller had picked out is going to be minimal. We had a notion to get a new kitchen sink and faucet with the deal, but couldn’t really decide on what kind, seeing as how we haven’t yet lived with the existing sink and faucet. We may just do a new faucet. We dunno. So many things depend on other things… how the cabinet stain comes out will help me decide the backsplash color, which will both help me decide the flooring color. Cabinet stain first.

Nothing of which can be done about until the damn loan closes, so chill the fuck out. Right now I should be worrying, if anything, about packing and furniture placement. JamesT is worrying about wiring and cabling. I got a lovely floorplan program to assist me with furniture placement, but so far I’ve only used it to recreate our kitchen and play with colors…. which don’t matter until we see how the cabinet staining REALLY turns out.

What I should actually be worrying about is the huge amount of work that I have piling up. At present the pile is growing faster than I can actually do it. Regular work, customer service work, additional big ongoing contract through regular work, and two smaller side contracts through regular work. Priority is given to whomever is yelling the loudest at me today. The big contract is requiring me to re-install and learn a program I never really was that familiar with, I’m sad to say, Illustrator. Regular work is looking at getting me the whole new Adobe Create suite, including InDesign and new versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc., so I may end up experiencing the learning curve going from stuff I’m already familiar with to new versions of that stuff. Not to mention trying to yank the pre-historic knowledge of Pagemaker (which I learned on the Mac 15-million years ago) and attempting to apply that to the new InDesign — which I already have a 30-day trial of — so I can accomplish the many ongoing print jobs that I’m now doing.

Meanwhile, my head a-splode. I almost typed literally, though if it were, wouldn’t you be impressed with all this typing and functioning I’m doing with my brains splattered on the wall. I just meant for a couple days I’ve been experiencing headaches the likes of which I haven’t felt in a long time. If these are migraines, then they’re not the same as I used to get on my old medication a couple years ago. They are messing with my vision and feel like pain centered in a particular side of my head, though. Allergy pills, sinus meds, even Excedrin Migraine isn’t touching them though. Thankfully, they seem to go almost as fast as they come, so by the time I can’t function anymore with whatever I’m trying to do, if I take two something, grab an icepack for my head and laydown with my eyepack putting pressure on my eyes and keeping them closed, I can usually lay there until it goes away. Problem is, if I don’t wait long enough, it’ll just start again shortly after I get up.

It’s probably just a fat combo of allergies (which have really kicked in since all the wildfire-smoke from last Tuesday morning) and stress (jury duty and getting regular emails from Happy Camper again), and hopefully the cure will be a nice weekend of accomplishing things for the move to de-stress me. I haven’t called mom back since Sunday for that very reason — stress. Usually we talk 3-4 times a week, but she really stressed me Sunday until I was battling one of said headaches, tears rolling, and had to go lay down after. Nothing special, just normal crazy-mom stress from her being in one of those moods where she has to repeatedly tell me how independent she is and how she intends to stay that way. The one that often comes up, that leaves me with the impression that as soon as something that would cause her to require care happens to her, she’d just shoot herself before she’d let one of us kids take care of her. Not that I think she’d actually do that, but that is the impression she gives on that day. Other days, she loves us and wants nothing more than to live near or with us while she’s healthy and able, perhaps to better endear herself for the possible day where she would need care from us.

As Skittles now interrupts via IM to draw my focus away from this little LJ box, I realize that there has been nothing at all brief about this post other than I am still in my pajamas and really should go get dressed. Thankfully all the boys in this house wake up late for work.


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