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Another quickie

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 11:36 am by flerly.

I dreamt last night about putting down flooring in our new house. They were very dark hardwood floors, almost black, and we were doing it ourselves in the evenings of the week before we brought the furniture over. It made for a big surprise when people came over the first time, though… nobody has really seen it yet, and thus, how would they know it didn’t already have the floors.

So, today I spent a few minutes checking out a site which is out of Dalton, and found that if we do actually decide to DIY it, (or call brother JC for it, better yet), that putting down the flooring through most of the upstairs is going to be something we could easily budget in. NOT likely something we want to actually tackle before we move, with all the other costs, but once we’re in, say by next spring, there’s no reason we couldn’t do it. That makes me happy.

It was so tempting to just say WTF and put a couple more thou on a credit card to buy this flooring now, then I got a reality check from our lender. Seems, he is located in Gwinnett county and we are buying in DeKalb county. As such, when he did our GFE, he only figured 6 months of taxes to escrow. Now he discovered from the closing attorney that DeKalb actually requires 13 months to go in escrow for June closings. He sent word to me immediately, with his apologies, about his error which kicks up the money we need to have for closing by another thousand.

Joy. Joy. Joy.

Self, stop dream-spending money you don’t have. This is your cosmic wake-up call. It’s nice that I think this house has so much potential to really turn into something, but it doesn’t need to all happen in a week. Have to remember that we will be owning it for years…. pending me not driving us into bankruptcy with my crazy wish lists.


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