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Busy plumber bees

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, August 6, 2007 at 1:52 pm by flerly.

To somewhat quote JamesT, “I really didn’t expect this project to take two days.” Well, he should have said three, since we’re still not officially done. For the record, plumbing sucks. A lot. And mostly all I did was watch JamesT do all the work. It’s made all the more frustrating by the fact that you have to leave the water off until you get it all right again… But, we’ve almost got an actual half bath instead of a half-ass bath downstairs now. Almost.

Other than working on that, we actually did accomplish a lot of things this weekend. For the most part, the boxes are gone now. Not all unpacked, but what we don’t need is pretty much well stacked and stored out of the way. Work is shaping up to be busy this week as well, with Tuesday and Thursday requiring me to be in Marietta all day. Friday Mom, Brother and Niece are driving down to visit for a quick weekend trip. I hope it manages to be fun, as I’m sick and tired of being stressed out. Then next weekend, of course, is the housewarming!

Not looking forward to being in front of customers this week, or mom, or long-lost relatives, I broke down and made a hair appointment for this morning, and I have to say I’m so glad I did. Now if I can just find some dress clothes that both fit and won’t make me sweat my ass off in this heat wave. Gah… I’ve got to get back to bootcamp. These couple stressful months working on the house have taken quite the toll on me, and I’m feeling old, fat and tired as a result. I will NOT be attending the camp starting next Monday, as I’d previously thought, due to the simple fact that I waited too late to register, and within a certain period they only accept cash for some reason. I didn’t want to shell out all my cash for their chunk three month fee, that’s for sure. So, I won’t have to be crazy get up at 4:30 a.m. girl until September, but I still definitely want to do it.

All right. Work beckons. That’s a long enough lunch break.


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