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has anybody else found this stuff?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, May 7, 2002 at 10:14 am by flerly.

I’m going to invest in the Alka-seltzer morning relief product… that stuff rawkz. It’s like a little kick in the ass in a cup.

Just have to say for the record, IMHO, Beborn Beton blew. They were like the “boy-band” of european industrial music, cliche mix of music that just reaked of “pop and dancy” and the singer’s voice, though not bad, was just so strong and deep that it just totally didn’t work with the mix of the music, again, IMHO. The lyrics that I could understand (read the ones in English) were just gay for the most part… again, reminding me somehow of a pop song. They played about 8 tunes which was about 5 too many… “Another World” was okay in a catchiest song sort of way – may actually look it up.

But anyway… was funny to see the BB singer working the t-shirt booth after the show. Even “Computorgirl” was hanging around. Apop was 10 times better (not like that was difficult), but I just didn’t know their lyrics well enough, and their singer was nuts for getting the audience to do the singing. IMHO again, I’d rather listen to the recordings, mixed better soundwise, than hear them live. It was an entertaining show, though. Good crowd for them, and I really like that little venue. Note to self, take JT back there for something OTHER than a concert sometime. Looks like KMFDM will be coming there in June… 16th I think.

Another note to self… don’t go to any more late night events without a nice dinner and a nap, cuz we’ve discovered the tendency to get “cranky” (aka the look that I gave JT when he wanted to hit the after party at 2am). Man I don’t want to go in to work today.


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