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coming up on noon..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 8, 2002 at 12:02 pm by flerly.

Well, JT should be en route to pick up the lovely and talented at the airport, fresh in from Orlando. No word from them since they left.. hope it went well. Relaxing, and all that.

Oh well.. went on and on it seems like last night talking about old-boyfriends and “who I was” with them… annoying things they did, etc etc, all of which JT said he found interesting. Not sure how we got on the subject… I guess we were thinking about how long we’ve been together and how it blows my mind how long it’s been, so I go off telling him about my other track records and how they worked out. Going on four years with us… still nutso for me to think about.

Wait, I remember how we got to talking about it! Phone call at 11:56 pm from “Barb” looking for Jimmy… what a loser she is. Go ahead, read this and hate me, Jim, but she’s been on my #1 queen bitch list for years, and I can’t believe you still keep in touch with the psycho-hose-beast. Of course, i’m not sure you stay in touch, she was complaining about that… yet somehow she keeps managing to track down your phone numbers. You’ll be happy to know that at midnight last night the freak-girl was asking me for an emergency contact number for you guys in Florida so she could talk to you RIGHT THEN.

Anyway.. ranting. But it was remembering Barb’s old habit of calling at 4am that made me think about old boyfriends annoying habits.

Interesting, “random” mix of mp3s courtesy winamp just managed to play track #158, #157, and #156 in that order.

Oh well.. SO much work to catch up on. This’ll take about 2 minutes. =\


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