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The work is in the mail…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 10:27 am by flerly.

Sound like crap, but feel tons better today, finally. Actually started feeling much better yesterday afternoon, well enough to concentrate on some Rock Band, but the perpetually runny nose and watery eyes made trying it tough. About the same issue as trying to sit in front of a computer has been. The desire to shut my burning eyes every few minutes seems to have passed today, so that at last I don’t think I’ll spend this day in a perpetual nap state. Yeah, feel so much better… I’m sitting here typing, so that’s a good step.

The next work trip was scheduled yesterday, during that meeting I missed. Dec 5-7th I’ll be in the Tri-Cities, which would be great, you know, if I could just stay the weekend with mom, but if I do, I’ll miss our company Christmas shindig. Going to have to drive myself up this time, though, if I intend to stay with mom. Perhaps I can get up early Saturday and drive home. And, we won’t even really get into how I’m supposed to be off on Fridays for the month of December, considering I just slept through two whole days of work.

Speaking of which, there is so much to catch up on. So very much. I can’t believe it’s almost December. I hadn’t considered needing to get in at least one visit to Alabama pre-Christmas so that Pete and James can get their fireworks show ready. This year there will be potential paying customers there to watch, as this New Years show acts like an audition for at least one job this spring. We can’t do it this weekend, as they are on some charity bike ride this weekend. Next weekend is my work-bash, and driving home from Bristol. Guess it will have to be the next… 15th or so. That at least gives us one more weekend if need be pre-Christmas and New Years travelling.

The way it looks, I think it might be best to postpone our Spycraft game to start up again in January. We would like to have people over to hang out at some point, to try out the Rock Band, but we’ll just have to see when we can squeeze that in, or else it may be January, too.


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