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That’s an interesting sky color in your world, lady

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 9:38 am by flerly.

More weird, wacky storyline from the soap opera that is my *stranged family…

So, the crazy-wife shoving the daughter around excitement was last Friday night. They had a restraining order that night. They had assault charges filed against her the next morning, and police on the scene Friday night were asked to document the injuries made to Fatass niece. Last night was Wednesday, right? That’s… oh five days later?

Well, last night shortly after they’d finished dinner, the police showed up at my brother’s house to arrest him. Crazy-wife had filed assault charges against him, claiming he’d shoved her around… last Friday night after the first cops left — even though she didn’t mention this to the cops who came to evict her that night, nor did she show them any bruises of any kind, AND even though my brother told the first cops that if they left them alone that she would end up calling 911 to claim he hit her.

But, charges filed are charges filed, the cops can’t weigh those details, that’s for the judge, so he spend the night in jail.

Yes, my short, work-related visit with a side of family time to Bristol is going smashingly so far. I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of this realtor’s office, waiting for them to finish with their regular weekly meeting so I can rush to get set up for my appointments which start at 10. Not knowing how many there actually are… not knowing how late today will be… not knowing if I have to be here tomorrow or not…

…and all the while wondering if it really is a good idea for $brother1 to bring his handgun and rifle down to leave at Mom’s house today because he’s now very afraid she’s going to bully her way back into the house and it will end up as an “accidental” shooting.

I really hope today goes as long as yesterday did, so it will be late, dark, drizzling freezing rain, and I will be exhausted and ready to pass out when I get home… so I don’t have to hear them relive this tale in person tonight.

Tomorrow night Fatass is supposed to be cooking dinner for us at their house. Mom was already hesitant to set foot up there. This incident won’t have helped. We’ll see what happens. At worst, I will only have a half-day of work tomorrow, so a nice afternoon and evening will be left to spend with “family” stuff — which I wish meant merry Christmas shopping and catching up, but will no doubt be tense, serious, crazy talk about this soap opera business.

Saturday morning, rain (or snow) or shine, unless I happen to have spent the night in jail, too, I’m heading home. I miss all you “normal” people in the ATL.


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