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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 4:36 pm by flerly.

My upper back aches from sitting at a computer this week. Keep getting caught up and forgetting to get up every once in a while… like to get dressed. Oh, the joys of working at home… realizing it’s 3pm, you’re starving and still in your pajamas, and you’d never did go get any of that coffee that you brewed about 5 hours ago.

My flight for San Antonio leaves at 8:45 am Monday and I get back at 8:44pm Friday. Essentially I’m looking at a whole week wasted as I play the role of “dancing monkey”, as the boss described it. This leaves Mary alone to handle customer service. I don’t envy her. Actually, I guess I don’t envy me, considering I’d lay odds she’ll be hitting our cell phones on this trip to ask us things.

I feel like I have at least 3 days work left to finish before I can leave for this trip, let alone never finding the time for that haircut. But, there are only 2 days left. I’d also really like to get our Christmas tree down and decorations put away this weekend before I leave. Pretty bad when the pizza guy dissess you for still having it up…

I wish I could say TGIF. Instead, let me apologize yesterday for getting Fatass niece’s card put in the mail to her ON her birthday, today for neglecting to ever buy that card for my Navy-nephew-in-law for his birthday and having to send a cheesy e-card instead, and in advance for tomorrow for doing the same to my Alabama brother-in-law, but at least I did manage to have his gift shipped directly to him… though I don’t know if it’ll be there by his birthday or not. When you have three family members with birthdays three days in a row and you KNOW this, how can I be such a slack-ass? Niece’s gift is still sitting here to be packaged so I know it will be REALLY late, but at least she’ll get that card… eventually.

so tired.


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