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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, January 12, 2008 at 11:10 am by flerly.

Add going to UPS to return wrong sized snowboard to my many errands today…

And I was so excited when they rang the doorbell and had that big box.


Edit: The boardshop apologized profusely, is rushing the correct board my way and throwing in a pretty sweet board bag for my troubles. Amazing response time for a company that says they only work M-F on their site./Edit

I do really wish we’d figured out a way to get up to Bristol to join Fatass on her 18th birthday snowboarding trip today…

From her last night:
I know Dad’s not so thrilled about driving seven annoying teenagers two hours up the road to a potential deathtrap. Me, though… I’m pretty sure I won’t sleep tonight because I’m stoked about snowboarding. Please note that you will be expected to visit when I’m cooped up in the hospital adorned in a stylish, full body cast. I really wish you could be there to see my suicide, but I understand you’re busy. Just remember that when you buy a board and some gear there will be no excuses for not joining me. Last I checked they don’t keep the snow in Atlanta anyway.

Miss them. Work sucks.


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