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Final Notes from a Texas Hotel Room

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, January 18, 2008 at 9:22 am by flerly.

We were bummed we missed snow in ATL this week, but the Weather Channel says there may be more for tomorrow morning. Sweeeeet.

Lucky us, the Texans tell us, we got to visit during their “week of winter” where it’s actually cold here. Golly, gee thanks.

Yesterday we ate lunch at Rudy’s, hailed as the “Worst Barbeque in Texas”… and it was an experience. I’m digging that Texas-red barbeque sauce. Wish I’d bought a bottle…

Last day of work here, one appointment, then back to the airport to begin an afternoon of travel. Have another stop in Houston on the way back, so won’t be back to the ATL until almost 9pm. There’s supposed to be a Swatch store in the San Antonio airport, if I can find it…

Oh, and I’ve taken maybe four pictures while here, which I’m already regretting. Didn’t think to put the camera in my purse until yesterday, so my first picture is going to be the server at Matamoros bringing us our queso, which to our surprise, was on fire.

Alright. I should pack this shit up. Must go check out. I miss sleeping on a pillow instead of a stack of towels (damn goose-down). I miss bed. I miss Kitty. Oh, and I guess it’ll be nice to see Mr. T tonight at the airport, too.

*sigh* And I can’t help but get more bummed thinking about all the headaches and work for me this trip has generated. Being a dancing monkey is tiring.

OH: and must call mom to tell her I love her today (anniversary)


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