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Countdown to vacation

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 1:46 pm by flerly.

The snowboard is in the shop getting ready for it’s upcoming adventure. All foreseeable supplies and gear are purchased. Other than actually packing the stuff for travel, we’re pretty much ready.

Apparently when I walked away from the desk at 5 Friday to start cooking for Magoo’s fake birthday dinner, I completely forgot about the rescheduled Bug call and missed it. Seems they even tried to call me, but I didn’t hear the phone from the office because I had the muzak blaring in the kitchen. SO disappointed on the lack of uber-spicy on that King Ranch chicken casserole, but I’m not giving up on it.

Got up Saturday after all our houseguests left to start on more work, but ended up feeling puny and couldn’t concentrate. Instead spent the day getting our final trip errands taken care of. Sunday ended up being my big work day, and OMG that sucks so much. Worked from lunch until… well, dinner during the Superbowl halftime… then stopped again to watch House and Eli Stone from the DVR. Seeing it was going on 12:30, I figured on heading to bed so I could get up and get going on work early. But, hell no… ended up sitting at the computer working again until 3:30.

Even then when I went to bed my neck ached so back I couldn’t get comfortable to sleep for about an hour. I really should have just been so exhausted I passed out despite the pain, but a day of chugging caffeinated tea helped my brain stay awake to feel all the discomfort. Today the pain is all the way down my right shoulder, as yet again I’m sitting here without the lovely brace I bought to combat my poor desk posture that I’m sure is causing all this pain. Now seems like a good time to go put that sucker on.


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