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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 3:49 pm by flerly.

[15:40] Chemguru: how’s your Hell Day?
[15:40] flerly: it’s a different sort of hell than i expected
[15:41] flerly: i thought i just had to finish sites so mac could take screen shots and build his powerpoint. Apparently, i have to take screenshots and build his powerpoint for him, so they told me to stop building sites and screenshot what we’ve already done in the past
[15:42] flerly: AND i had a conference call with a customer today who wants a total revamp of their company site, and says that waiting for me to start on it after my vacation is too long to wait.
[15:42] flerly: they gave me “things to think about” for them… over my vacation
[15:42] Chemguru: uH….
[15:43] flerly: i said, “Sorry guys. Unless I break a leg on the first day out, I’ll not be spending time thinking about your website.”
[15:43] Chemguru: think about quitting, think about killing… think about mass murder… think about blackmail…
[15:43] flerly: yeah, assholes. Mac was flabbergasted they had said such a thing to me
[15:44] flerly: they said there needs to be more than one person in our company who does what i do, and they can’t expect to have to wait because i go on vacation. I just told them that i agreed, but that’s not how it is.


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