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Good morning, drama.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 25, 2008 at 9:41 am by flerly.

It’s been a drama filled week, and a drama filled weekend … despite the uber venting, chatting and relaxing that Sis and I managed. I REALLY needed this weekend to survive this upcoming week.

This morning I check my email to find a message from co-worker from after midnight last night. Essentially, he’d copied me while I was on vacation about an item “to do” this past week pre-trip. I’d contacted who he said, and that person faxed me one of our internal order form guides filled out herself, ordering all sorts of stuff that their office can’t have. I replied to person, coping co-worker, that those order forms are just guides for us as to what is usually available, and that some of those options aren’t actually available, mentioning that co-worker may have been in error for not pointing those things out to her when she placed her order.

Co-worker writes me back, hurt and angry, “What on earth could I have said or done that would make you write the below in blue:”… where he then quotes my message to him where I say Person “is asking for items based on a page I gave you as a reference, which I’ve repeatedly said is not an actual order form to be handed out, and that you need to look at each customer’s site before you offer them items from that sheet.” Well, gosh, I thought that was clear enough, but he seems to think that I’ve massively offended him by accusing him of something, and further says he wouldn’t have given her the sheet, he didn’t sit down to take an order with her, and MAYBE she just got those other options from looking at some sample sites we sent that had stuff their company didn’t.

Dude, she FAXED me the ORDER SHEET. I didn’t give it to her. You’re the only other person who has it. She shouldn’t have it. It wasn’t a leap of logic to assume you gave it to her.

Busted, since I have the actual order sheet by fax, he admits he might have slipped one in as part of a “packet” of items he gave her as a sample of what we might offer their office in the future. I’m just glad he didn’t make the claim that she might have coincidentally come up with the exact same order form on her own, from looking at other sample sites.

OH, and by the way, says co-worker, be sure you’re bringing a projector or else “your groups will have to look over your shoulder!” You know, either this would have been better info for last week, or maybe if I’d had THE SLIGHTEST CLUE WHY THE HELL I”M GOING ON THIS TRIP I would have made that leap for myself and driving up to Marietta to get a projector before the day of my flight.

Packing now.


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  1. fluffyluggage has made a Comment

    Urgh! I so hate it when people can’t get their shit straight and want to accuse you of screwing it up to cover their ass!! It’s so much easier to do that, eh? What a pita!

    I feel for you. Sorry you are having to deal with going on this stupid trip in the first place! You travel so much!! That just sucks big-time… 🙁

    BTW, Icon love!! 😀 Take care, be safe. <3 J

    February 25, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

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