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um… work news but no news

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 1:02 pm by flerly.

Meet with boss hastily rescheduled for this morning instead of this afternoon, as I run out the door barely presentable and in flip-flops.

There is a long story, but the short story is, I got a $10K raise on the spot and he’s hiring one person immediately to help me. Also, because it’s easier for me to train on, my pimp-graphics work is going to the new hire, while I stay running support and handling company graphics for now. Hopefully I can soon transition more support issues away to JUST do company graphics, but likely, it’ll be the reverse, and I accept at $10K raise to essentially stop being a web designer.

As I said, there is a long story behind this. We now enter the “testing phase” of our new working relationship. Company meeting tomorrow 10AM to see if his plan can go into action to fix things. He did a lot of prostrating himself before me, and we’ve put a deadline on getting things resolved overall.


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