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Just a quick update…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 2:27 pm by flerly.

$300+ later, I’m up and running with a PC again, and I’m experimenting with Windows Vista. Getting stuff recovered from my old drive has been “fun” … the kind of fun I recommend to anybody who didn’t already have an excuse to hang yourself. I still have several big things to install before it’s truly back to 100% useful, but I’ve got mail, music and messenger, so I’m set for now. I’ll see what I can get done while JT is gone for a while.

If you’re not reading the Bootcamp journal, then you won’t already know JamesT is leaving tonight to spend the rest of the week in Kentucky for another fireworks class, some demo shoots, and “Thunder Over Louisville” with bro-in-law Pete. When I last spoke to James he was describing himself as a “kid in a candy store” trying to make a list of fireworks they’re going to buy on this trip.

Originally, I thought sis and I were also doing this trip, before I found out it would require a Wed, Thurs, & Friday off work. Then I thought maybe we’d just head up for Saturday’s “Thunder Over Louisville”, but doesn’t look like it. No worries, I guess. Less things to get behind while I’m off having fun…

PS: FYI, my iPod survived Friday’s meltdown thankfully. As my PC was dying, the iPod was apparently being drained instead of charged and it was just completely out of battery power.



  1. fluffyluggage has made a Comment

    Dealing with a PC that’s messed up, or even a laptop just totally bites! We’ve had to do it several times, but usually ours has to do with hackers and viruses. What exactly happened, do you know?

    Glad you are getting yours back up to speed, but sorry you’re having to re-install and find all the old data. That does totally suck. We usually have to pay others to do it, or just lose what we had! That’s been our pattern. I think we’ve had to wipe out our hard drive 3 times now?

    Sounds like Louisville will be fun! (I think?) lol…

    Glad your iPod survived, I was worried about that when I heard. Yay for small favors, eh? 😉 <3

    April 8, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Not exactly sure what happened. It did storm that night, but the power didn’t flash here and the system is on a pretty decent UPS and surge protector. Seems like one of the hard drives failed that had the page file and things started going nuts… it started rebooting over and over before it fully loaded windows, then it just hung up on the first screen of booting up. I’m not sure how long it had been rebooting when I came upon it — I’d been downstairs watching TV — but all that must have been draining the iPod battery.

    Anywho… it’s mostly good now. That drive is dead, but most of the stuff on the former main disk drive I’ve recovered.

    April 9, 2008 @ 6:18 pm

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