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The hours are crawling by as I accomplish nothing except banging my head on the desk….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 3:20 pm by flerly.

1. Jennifer “finishes” a site pimping, sends me a notice, copying billing — billing then confirms whether have billing info for that customer and copies Mac so he can get it if we don’t.
2. For some reason today – after weeks of this working fine — Mac takes it upon himself to QC said site, which I usually QC later in the day after she finishes her days batch.
3. I email him about my usual procedure to QC later as a batch.
4. Mac emails back that we MUST QC immediately, before we tell the customer that it is done.
5. I email back that nobody has told the customer it is done, unless he has, and that AFTER I’m done with my QC process with Jennifer, I usually do that, so what is the problem.
6. Mac emails about customers possibly taking the dinging of their credit card as indication that the process is done.
7. I explain that Jackie doesn’t bill that instant, and that she ALSO waits and processes the whole batch at once later in the day, BUT I STILL take his updates, add my own about the pictures and crap, send it to Jennifer copying Mac so he’ll see how I’ve acquiessed to get nothing done today until I QC these sites.
8. Mac sends Jennifer a message to open every link in a new window no matter what, copies me.
9. I assume he misspoke, send Jennifer a message NOT to open every link in a new window, only the links that leave the agent site, and NOT links to internal pages of the agent’s own site, copy Mac.
10. Mac emails me wanting to know why I think he’s so stupid for contradicting what he’s been teaching agents successfully for 7 years — open every link in a new window so they don’t lose your webiste.
11. I reply to Mac, trying to explain why it is a bad thing to have 30 versions of the same site open to various pages, and how me saying that doing a thing is stupid is DIFFERENT than me calling him stupid, because I ASSUMED (not really) that he misspoke, and meant to tell her EXCEPT the internal links.
12. Mac replies that “all he knows” is that he clicked a link from the home page of an agent’s site, it took him to a page of their site, and when he clicked the X, it closed the whole site.
13. I reply that is how websites work. Clicking the X closes them, and that our sites, just like most other sites on TEH INTARWEB have this thing called NAVIGATION LINKS at the top, side and bottom which lets you go to other pages of the site. I ask him why on earth he didn’t use one of those navigation links, because OF COURSE if he clicked the X it is going to close. What did he THINK it was going to do?
14. Mac replies that “not everyone is as smart as me” and “it would never have occured to him to use the back button”, so I ask again, whether the site he checked opened an internal page of an agent’s site that had the complete navigation at the top, left AND bottom or not, and whether he knows what I mean by “navigation links” or the difference in “site navigation” and “buttons that are part of his web browser”. AND… it did and he apparently doesn’t.

I wait patiently for the next stupid round via email.

While I do that, I’ll ponder for a moment how I’m not going to respond to this weekend’s stupid thing, where he sends me a long message about talking to a customer who hates our templated site and wants to do her own custom site with us, which he knows we can’t do, but if I can just call the customer for him, perhaps I can explain to her how our templates arent so bad and she’ll want one anyway. Guess what. Not in sales. Thanks. Bye.

PS. I really like the typo “webiste” that I continue to make for “website”. I think I’ll ask to change my job title again to that: Webiste. It sounds fancy.

PPS. If you’re reading this on actual LJ and not some kind of feed, I sure hope clicking that LJ-CUT text, which caused your browser to change to a different page which showed my post, didn’t confuse you and cause you to hit X to close the whole site when you were done reading. I know how most of you aren’t as smart as me and that is apt to happen.

PPPS. In case you didn’t know, I am the straw that stirs the drink.



  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    Man! You have opened my eyes to a whole new world! You mean, that arrow in the top left corner of my browser means that I can just click it to go back to that page I was just on?!?!!! Why had no one ever told me that before?!! So, because I’m reading this from LJ, after I leave this comment, I can just click that button until I’m back on the page with everyone’s entries instead of closing this window and going through the trouble of logging into LJ all over again, just to pick up where I left off?!! That blows my frickin’ mind, man.



    I have to say, after hearing about this guy, I’d much rather have my sucky job than yours. People I work with are obnoxious, yes, but not one is clinically stupid. I’m sorry. :/

    April 21, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

  2. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    Oh! Speaking of drinks and straws, when are we doing that again? Soon? Yes? I’m currently suffering from a training injury (shins *and* a sore groin-ish/hip-area muscle), so we can be drunk and hurt together. 🙂

    April 21, 2008 @ 4:30 pm

  3. flerly has made a Comment

    I KNOW! Not to mention all the other options just on this website, like HOME JOURNAL PROFILE FRIENDS etc etc… I always thought it was one page to a browser window, read it, close it, start all over.

    PS. I’m not supposed to be drinking while in Bootcamp, but since I am sort of taking a week off…. meh…. I already told Kit I’d break the rules when she got back so we could all hang out and hear about her trip, maybe we should wait until then. That and if I don’t start being functional by end of April, several people are going to hunt me down and kill me for past due work items.

    April 21, 2008 @ 5:44 pm

  4. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    Ooh, waiting on Ms. Kit is a good idea. I need to be functional this week, too. Even after last week’s Mega-Work-Week-of-Death-and-Doooom, I’m still way behind on a few projects and would like to get caught up while my boss is on vacation. That way, when he comes back on Friday, I’ll be able to tell him, for the first time since January, that I’m exactly where I need to be in terms of deadlines.

    We’ll see if that actually happens, though.

    April 21, 2008 @ 6:29 pm

  5. fluffyluggage has made a Comment

    OMFG! This is freakin hilarious. I am still giggling, tho it’s probably no longer appropriate. No, wait… It’s still appropriate! <3

    April 23, 2008 @ 12:30 am

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