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*breathing again*

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 6:42 pm by flerly.

After waiting most of the month, with a deadline of “end of April”, I decided to take matters into my own hands to “fix” one of our big customer’s websites based on the latest comprehensive compliance notice they’d received. It isn’t the usual franchise that I work with, so I didn’t have my own copy of the full compliance rules, and this is the first audit of the site that their corporate has done. As is, it was all over the place bad. They’d sent me a completely bad logo, which is all over the site, and that was just the start of the problems. The customer had told me they’d take care of the content editing that was required, but no one was doing it.

Anywho… their two main office sites are now “fixed”, and I have only the agent site branding to handle left by the end of the month. The office sites were by far the hardest, so I’m very happy they’re out of the way. Both computers this week have conspired to kill me, though PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I think we have finally figured out the problems with the random rebooting on the work computer. John had sent me an email of some things for us to try, and if they didn’t work, I was supposed to take it to him yesterday afternoon for him to try to fix it over the weekend. As it turned out, we happened to already have a working bigger power supply here, James installed it, and it hasn’t rebooted since. He seems to think my many USB devices, though several run through a powered USB hub, and some have their own power supply, are still drawing some power from the box that they shouldn’t, and that is just fucking with everything. But PLEASE PLEASE not anymore…

As such, yesterday was a massively productive day, despite me being paranoid and saving every 2 minutes in case of reboot… Stressed beyond belief with the computer, worried that it wouldn’t be working in time to get that customer’s site in compliance before the re-audit on May 1, and just generally stressing, I contacted Jonathan Thursday and backed out of the contract work for this weekend. It has turned out that I do have a computer afterall, but I couldn’t count on having it, and I just wanted them to know ASAP in case I couldn’t pull it off by their also end of April deadline. With that, and all the upcoming work and travel already planned for May, I doubt I could have made their second end of May deadline either. It really was a project I would have liked to have helped with, but I just don’t think the money was worth the stress, and I would be afraid of doing a sub-par job as a result. I hope they find another option.

So, after an emotional roller coaster of a week, yesterday Mr. T & I decided to completely be evil and goof off. We had evil Sonic double cheeseburgers with onion rings, and later went out for pints of evil ice-ceam, and then laughed our butts off watching the Jeff Dunham DVD we picked up at Target on our ice-cream run. Haven’t laughed that hard that long in too long. It was really fun.

Many plans for today, which has been pretty productive. This afternoon Mr. T and Brad hooked up for the AJC Autoshow, and I ran out to the evil Walmart for some errands. Spur of the moment, though, veered off the Stone Mountain Park exit, stopped by the gift shop, and spotted one of the illusive penny squisher machines! Added 3 more pennies to the collection, got mom a pretty t-shirt to toss in her gift box, and didn’t waste TOO much time doing it. As I was using the machine, a couple of folks told me that there are one or two more at the store at the top of the mountain, but I’ll save those for another day.

Anyway… in case you missed the link inline, watch this Jeff Dunham clip and laugh some for yourself today:


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