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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, June 16, 2008 at 4:38 pm by flerly.

FYI, I’ve eaten the first tomato picked from our very first garden today as my “it’s officially summer” tomato sandwich for lunch, and it was good. Also have about 10 cherry tomatoes ripe and ready for salad tonight. Who knew gardens could make life so good?

We had so much fun in Alabama this weekend working on sis’ house. I got to talk to niece Jessie alone longer than I’d spoken to her since she was probably 6 — but this time it was about being a college graduate, her future, and her engagement. Time flies, but she has grown up so well she just makes me well up with tears of joy for her and her future. Apparently our upcoming holiday party in the yard at sis’ house will be just a small rehersal for Jess’ wedding next year. Steven seems to be such a good small-town southern boy, and just an all-around nice guy.

There’s so much going on around us, it seems, but I cannot stop being excited at the prospect of this weeklong family gathering culminating in a holiday party with friends and more family — and food and fireworks and games — and I’m just so happy. I think our plan is easy-going enough that we can’t screw this up — however it turns out, it will be fine, because it’s us and we’ll be all together. I do miss good family times — I ordered some goofy party favors and trinkets just today, in fact, that are sure to be laughed at and enjoyed. I can’t wait!

Amazingly in our weekend happenings, I also have to report that I spent Friday night at the Winfield ER because 16-year-old nephew Zak was thrown from a bull he was riding at the Fayette Rodeo and his chest was stepped on while he was down. He spent the night in the ICU, but was released to go home Saturday — with 5 cracked ribs and bruising on his lung, but no more fear that it would deflate and need a chest tube. He’s on good pain meds, but he still won’t be having much of a summer now as he recovers. His doting parents did take him back to the Fayette Rodeo Saturday night so he could watch his friends and check in with everyone who was worried about him — or most likely, so he could show off his injury to the rodeo chick he is interested in. Apparently she’s cute enough that 5 cracked ribs from being stepped on by a bull isn’t enough to deter him from wanting to try again — even though the doctor tried to tell him how close he came to having his heart crushed and dying. Ah… the priorities of a 16-year-old.

Of course, for those familiar with the name here, then you’ll know what I mean when I say “perhaps it was karma.”


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